Enjoying an adventure holiday in Canada is undoubtedly easy to plan for. There are many excellent resources that can be relied on, such as the Canadian Affair website. This company has managed to put together all the services that the adventure holiday traveller to Canada is going to need.


Making arrangements for flights is going to be of great importance. Those travelling to Canada want to be able to do so most quickly and affordably. Instead of having to shop around for the best flights, all the travellers have to do, is go to the flights’ section of this website and enter their information to see the best deals available to them.


Once arriving at your Canadian destination has been taken care of, the next requirement is accommodation. Once again, the booking of accommodation can be made directly from the Canadian Affair website. Start by choosing the city where you will be staying and your check-in time. From there you will be given “at a glance” information about the different types of accommodation available. When you see one of interest, you can then gather more details about it and finally make your booking right from the site.

Types of Deals

Another advantage of using a great resource such as the Canadian Affair website is there is always an opportunity to find a great deal on different packages. There is a section dedicated to city breaks where one can check out any specials which are available in a specific city. Then, for those who want some savings on air travel, there is the flight deals section.


Some like to travel but want a pre-planned type of holiday in Canada. This website has put together a wonderful collection of packages which have some great themes to them. These are constantly changing, which makes visiting this website often to see what is new most exciting. Some of the current examples are:

  • The Roaming the Rockies Holiday
  • Discover Ontario Holiday
  • Eastern Journey Holiday

The Advantages

There are advantages to opting into packages such as these being offered at the Canadian Affair website.

They include the travel and the type of accommodation which is most suited for that particular package. For example, for the Discover Ontario Holiday package, the accommodation is comprised of a motorhome. This is a beautiful experience because there are so many wonderful things to see and do in Ontario, that being able to travel by motorhome and have your accommodation with you is perfect. With a plan like this, nothing is missed that is important across Ontario for those who are vacationing here.

Another example for those who like some adventure on holiday is the Canadian Heritage Adventure, with a focus on French heritage.

There are many choices, such as these, so there is something for everyone. This site dedicated to holidays in Canada is a one-stop-shop adventure as you will find everything that you want and need to enjoy a fantastic holiday in Canada. It is a time saver as well as a money saver.

Having a resource to rely on such as this can make planning an adventure holiday in Canada much more comfortable as it allows the travellers to see what is available to them.