When you are planning an adventure holiday in Canada, you obviously want to find the best deal. This usually revolves around the time you choose to book your holiday. As travel planning can be very stressful for some, here are some pointers for effectively booking your adventure holiday.

Choose Your Adventure Holiday

Before you can even think of a method of travel, you need to decide what adventure holiday you are interested in booking. Some adventure holidays are only available during specific periods, while others can be found year-round. Once you have chosen the holiday you would like to go on, then you can start the booking process.

Call the Adventure Holiday Destination

It might be a good idea to call the holiday destination and speak with them to see if there are any booking specials available and when the best time to book would be. Most holiday destinations will be more than happy to help you out.

When Travelling From Outside Canada: International Flights

When booking an international departure, the cheapest day of the week to book a flight is on a Tuesday. This will provide you with the cheapest airfare. The best time of day to book your trip is a 5 am departure time. The most expensive time of the day to book your flight are departure times which are between 8 pm and 11 pm. Try not to book your flight too far in advance; this tends to be more expensive. The prime booking time is typically between three weeks and four months before departure. This will give you time to watch the prices and jump on an excellent deal. Don’t wait until two weeks or less before departure to book your flight as prices tend to climb during this period. Quite typically, April and October are the cheapest months to travel internationally.

Last Minute Deals

Sometimes you can luck out by booking last minute. However, this is definitely taking a gamble. If you are the type of person to stress over booking your holiday, this is not the process you should consider.

When Travelling Domestically: Domestic Flights

Two to three months before the departure date is usually the best time to book domestic flights. Traditionally January, February and August are the best months to travel and the cheapest.

When You Need to Book a Hotel

You may need to book a hotel to stay in for a night or two before or after your adventure holiday. Sometimes your adventure holiday destination company may have discounted hotels in the area they can recommend to you; it is always a good idea to ask them when booking. The best way to book a hotel is on its own website. This is a much safer way to book your stay as opposed to going through a third party agency. Ask about the hotel loyalty programs, as this will grant you a cheaper rate. Hotels are often open to negotiation, so if you find a more affordable rate for that hotel elsewhere, call them, and quite often, they will match the price to obtain your business.


As you can see, there are many things to consider when booking an adventure holiday. Hopefully, some of the tips which have been provided above will help make your bookings a little easier.