Anyone planning to have an adventure holiday in Canada will have some areas of concern. For most people, this will be the cost. This is undoubtedly something that most travellers like to plan. The prices for adventure holidays in Canada can vary greatly, as this is dependant on whether the travellers want to design their own holiday or whether they want to go with one of the many packages that are offered.

The Extras

One thing to keep in mind when planning adventure holidays, with Canada being the destination, is to check out what special events may be running. There are a lot of festivals which take place throughout the year. There is always something taking place, no matter what the time of year. Canada is known for its cold and harsh winters. Still, it is highly recognized for its outdoor activities and entertainment during this season. There are plenty of festivals that can be enjoyed and often, travellers will plan their vacation dates around these times because they want to enjoy these particular activities.


One of the great things about using Canada as a holiday destination for an adventure holiday is that the cost can vary greatly depending on one’s budget. This is often based on the location, as well as the type of activities that are going to be enjoyed and the amenities that are included. For those who want to stay on a budget and keep within the specific cost, then they can choose a package that fits into that price range. The following are some examples.

Canadian Rockies Package

Several different holiday adventure providers offer different packages. Often they will include a package that focuses on the Canadian Rockies because of this being such a popular destination. The price range for these can average around $2,600 to $2,800. Most of the adventure packages to the Rockies focus on outdoor adventures. The number of days in the packages plays a big role in the cost factor.

Choosing the Right Price

When choosing the price, look at what the package has to offer. The quotations, when it comes to packages, will be partially determined by the cost of the travel and the accommodation. Depending on who is offering the package, the accommodation can differ, so this will have a significant influence on the price. For example, in some adventure packages, the accommodation is a motor home. This is so that more travelling across Canada can be done. So here, you may get to have more activities included in the package, and that is what you are actually paying for.

Restricted Packages

There are some packages which are offered where the flight is not included. They can sometimes be found for $500 and up. Then another option is group holidays. This is where small groups are accommodated.

–Seasonal Packages==

Canada enjoys four magnificent seasons. This means that there will always be adventure holiday packages for each of these. It is possible to enjoy a holiday offseason when the prices may be reduced.

Watch for Deals

Adventure holidays in Canada are a big industry. It is also a competitive one, so shopping for deals is the best way to get the lowest price for this type of holiday.